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تهران . کیلومتر 40 جاده امام رضا (ع) . شهرک صنعتی عباس آباد . بلوار خیام . خیابان مولوی جنوبی . کوچه سوسن . شماره 406

کد پستی: 3393168469


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Central Office:

No.28, Me`rabian Alley, East 5th St, Etehad St, Tehranpars, Tehran, Iran

Postal Box: 16595/181


No.406, Susan Alley, South Molavi St, Khayam Blv, Abas abad Industrial Estate, 40km Emam Reza Rd, Tehran, Iran

Tel & Fax:

Office: +98 21 77146410-12

Sale: +98 21 77146408-09

Sms: 10006410

It should be noted that our sms is only sent through our number 10006410 to our users and it is clear that it is not possible to recieve your messages from this way.


Office: info@zibahome.com

Sale Unit: sales@zibahome.com

Chainstores Unit: chainstores@zibahome.com

Public Relations: pr@zibahome.com

Informatics Unit: it@zibahome.com

Recruitment: cv@zibahome.com

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Working Hours:

Saturday to Wednesday 7:30 to 16:50

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